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Are there any good solo strings instruments in Logic Studio?


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I am looking for solo violin, viola and cello software instruments I checked the library, EXS24 and all other samplers and all I found was just 1 solo violin (not such a good quality), 1 solo cello and no solo viola - is it possible that these are the only solo strings someone can find in Logic Pro8?!

I must be doing something wrong..


Can anyone help me find more solo strings in Logic Studio?

Do you know any website I could download additional instruments from?


If you know anything please write!!





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Firstly, be sure to check the GarageBand category in EXS, which I believe should appear if you've loaded all of the bundled content that came with LP8. In there I see quite a few strings, such as Violas, Full Strings, Cello, etc. The samples are dry, so you will want to add reverb with Space Designer or your preferred reverb plugin. Also turn up the Voices limit on EXS after you load in a preset or it will drop out notes very quickly and sound more synthetic.


Perhaps the best way to find organized samples in Logic is to open up EXS on a track, and ensure that the EXS instrument in the Inspector is selected (has a little highlight around it). Then click the Media button at the top right of Logic and go to the Library tab. Now you will see a list of categories of EXS instruments, among them Strings.


On the other hand, while not free, but reasonably priced, many recommend Kirk Hunter strings. Kirk Hunter's libraries are often said to rival those costing many times the price, and are highly playable/expressive.



There is an intro version that costs only $89, and is downloadable. The downside of the intro version is it is not for EXS, only Kontakt. The next version up supports both EXS and Kontakt, downloadable at about 2x the price (still cheaper than alternatives).


If you only need Solo Strings and not the full orchestra, the consider this, which is EXS compatible and only $99:



If you have Kontakt already, Kirk is offering a 500MB demo to try out to see if you want to buy the real thing.


Another option is Garritan Personal Orchestra, which is $200, though you can get it a bit less on eBay I believe. Also last year there was a huge Garritan Christmas sale so you could watch out for the possibility of that returning this year in the coming weeks.


If anyone knows some other low-cost or free options I'd love to hear as well :)

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I can't even find the solo instruments Natali is mentioning. The GarageBand Orchestral Jam Pack only seems to have sections.


Unfortunately the Logic Library is heavy on loops you can't really use and a bit light on playable instruments. But this isn't too shocking for a library bundled with a sequencer -- it's just supposed to give you a broad range of some basics to get started.


Anyone doing professional orchestral instrument work invests in a dedicated orchestral sound collection. There are lots to choose from ranging from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. The Vienna Symphonic Library collections seem to have the buzz these days as the high-end product -- they have an entry level collection in the $400-500 range I believe -- with Garritan also widely used and more affordable.

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If you're just looking for something quick & dirty to sketch out a demo, you could try searching for free SoundFonts. Those are sample instrument files originally made for the SoundBlaster card, but they can be imported into EXS24.


Most are pretty disappointing, but a few are decent quality. Most General Midi SoundFonts would have solo strings.

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