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Darude - I Ran (So Far Away)


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Hey guys!


A brand new US single release, 'I Ran (So Far Away)' featuring Blake Lewis, a cover of the 80's legendary A Flock Of Seagulls song put thru some serious techno/trance/house mangling. It jumped to #5 on Billboard Hot Dance Sales on the first week, and there'll be a full album released by Robbins Entertainment soon as well.





Gareth Emery Remix:



(and it's available at i-Store and B-port, but I dunno if I can put direct links here?)


Gear used: MBP + Logic + Waves + Nexus + Melodyne + Live + Novation 49 SL Compact

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Hmmm, I dunno about new techniques, nothing crazy I guess.


Blake's vox was triple-tracked, unique comps of different takes, strongest center, thinned ones (more compression and eq) far left and right (which means a lot of tiny editing to get timing matching, for eg. to get s,t,c,k to start the same time), vox comp quite heavily compressed, send delay eq'd and side-chain ducked 4-5dBs by the dry lead vocal itself to not make it muddy. The slight differences in the takes make it kinda flanging or chorusing, thicker and the vox kinda stereo, but keeps the mono-compatibility well since there's an actual strong center lead.


The guitar bits were recorded using some vintage amp and guitar (I don't know too much of those, I just recorded the guy playing, hehe) and I further treated the different parts with a lot of EQ, compression, flanger etc to get them close to the original guitars.


Just about all of it was done in Logic, I used at least EXS24, ES1, ES2, EVOC, CEQ, Comp, Flanger, Tape Delay, Stereo Delay, Sample Delay, Space Designer... Some of the tracks (about 65 altogether) and mix busses (10 altogether) were limited a touch with Waves L2/L3. I started this in my studio but finished it on the road on my laptop, which was running the project ok almost all the way thru, only had some processor hick-ups in the end with all the "mixing-processing" ie. pulling up a lot of Waves stuff and using extra EQs etc to fine-tune stuff. I used Melodyne to get the vox just right and Live to mangle some loop stuff and to try out stuff. Blake doesn't really need heavy tuning, but when you have multiple takes on at the same time, there are different timing and bending etc happening. I try to get those in line, and Melodyne just rocks with this, you can fix stuff and still keep the 'life' in the vox.

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Thank you guys!


Yeah, Mr. Lewis is very talented indeed! While a lot of people know Blake and his beat-boxing talent from the Idol, he's got years of pre-Idol writing, productions and different kind of live performances under his belt. And he also djs. To my understanding he attended Idol on a whim when a friend of his went to the audition, and he "just happened to" go all the way thru to the finals. Not bad! ;)


I mentioned my new album before, it's now released in US and Scandinavia, and you can find clips of 6 tracks of it on my MySpace site and shorter clips of all tracks on digital stores.

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