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Bounce all Battery Aux tracks at once?


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logic has the option to bounce out "all tracks as audio files" .......... but does logic have the option to somehow bounce out all tracks that are being sent out to different aux channels from battery?


i'm basicly trying to render out all the tracks that are used inside of battery without having to do it one by one ...... solo >export>solo>export>solo>export ....... it just takes waaaaaaaay too long. i am currently using battery as a MULTI OUTPUT device so i'm sending each sound to its own aux channel.


any help appreciated



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A workaround is to set the output of each Aux to a Bus, then click the "+" button at the top of the track list to create as many audio tracks as you have Auxes, select the first bus for the first track and check "ascending". When you open the Mixer, all the new audio channel strips are ready-assigned to all the busses, and selected, so you can click one of their rec-enable button and press record.
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