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Using a midi keyboard 'thru' a USB keyboard

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I appreciate that i am asking 2 questions which is against the rules, but they are inter-related so hopefully it won't stress you out too much. and no, i can't think of a better title :)


My 2 keyboards are:

Fatar Studiologic 88 note midi keyboard (for the big piano type stuff)

Novation Remote 61 SL USB keyboard (just purchased)


I also use an Edirol UA700 USB Recording Interface along with a simple Soundcraft Spirit Folio 8 channel mixer.


I typically plug the midi out from the Fatar in to the Edirol UA700, and also audio out from the mixing desk in to the UA700


2 questions:


1. Would i be better off plugging the midi out of the Fatar and running it thru the Novation, plugging the Novation directly in to the mac using USB?

2. Should i then just ditch the UA700 and the simple mixer, and replace with a firewire mixer for all my audio stuff (mic's, guitar etc.) given that i could have both keyboards running directly in to the mac via USB




and thanks...

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good point, though i couldn't think of one title to cover all questions - i'll try. Seeing as how i have your attention - what are your thoughts?


Please make sure you read the linked article in its entirety. You should only post one question per thread, which should allow you to find a descriptive title for your thread. http://www.logicprohelp.com/viewtopic.php?t=29410

You won't get much help from the moderators unless you first edit your post to confirm to our guidelines, especially after one of them asked you nicely.


So please do it! Then we can answer your questions.

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haha - i guess i'm not really having a problem - i just didn't know that you could run a midi keyboard through a USB keyboard like the Novation - i'm trying to confirm that i can do that - if so, then i don't need the Edirol UA700, so i can sell that, and then upgrade my spirit folio mixer to a firewire based mixer that i'm guessing may be better suit my purpose (possibly a Phonic Helixboard).

The problem is that (maybe it's just the New Zealand knowledge base) the guys trying to advise me at the shops that i would buy this from have no idea (like me!)

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ahh - gotcha - it does have a midi in - that makes more sense - i'll give it a crack.

Thanks for that.

And once again, sorry for the noob questions - i'm used to plugging my keyboards in to a mixer and playing live - this computer stuff is all new to me - the next questions will be more specific i think - it's just getting it all to plug and play like i'd hope!

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