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Logic Pro on a G5 ??

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The Logic Studio System Requirements page states that a G5 can run Logic Pro (even as many G5 systems have specs well above the bare-bones minimal system requirements). I have been told by a few respected opinions, nevertheless, that a G5 is not capable of running LP at such a capacity as to simultaneously process (mix), say, 24 (or more) audio tracks, each with a typical set of plug-ins (EQ, Compression, Delay, Reverb).


Before I purchase a computer, of course, I would like to know for sure what the reality is. Is it necessary to run LP on a new Mac Pro, or is an older, albeit loaded G5 capable?


I invite any and all LP users to comment here, especially those of you who might be successfully running LP on a G5.

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There are many of us still using G5s. While I can't speak to the audio question I can answer the plug-ins.


The only time I had to freeze tracks (I use EXS 24 exclusively and have files with over 50 tracks) was when I applied the channel eg plug to all tracks even though most of the eqs were not active. I normally run channel eq on 2 tracks along with reverb and compressor on the output. All of the plugs are the ones built in to Logic.


My unsubstantiated opinion is that you will be able to do it but you will have to freeze at some point.

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Thanks for the input, dkgross. Can you elaborate as to what limitations you experience (if any) in your set-up? For example, how many audio tracks can you process running typical plugins before you (would) freeze? Are you using 3rd party plugins or a UAD card, etc?
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I have been told by a few respected opinions, nevertheless, that a G5 is not capable of running LP at such a capacity as to simultaneously process (mix), say, 24 (or more) audio tracks, each with a typical set of plug-ins (EQ, Compression, Delay, Reverb).

Well you should lower your respect for those people then ;-)


Using a G5 Dual 2.3 with 2.5 Gb of RAM with Logic Pro 8.


I'm doing full mixes (48-64 tracks with eq, compression, effects and limiting, and 8-12 busses with reverbs (2 x CSR, SpaceDesigner, 4 delays + sum compression busses, etc.). Generally I'm using 3/4 of the CPU power and that's without freezing a single track.


Perhaps I can post a screenshot of tracks+mixer+cpu meter so you can see for yourself :-)


Plug-ins I'm using: Logic plug-ins, Waves (be sure to update to the newest as they are more CPU efficient), Sonalksis, Sonnox Oxford, Flux, CSR, etc.


The same when producing (samplers, instruments, etc.), plenty of power for even large productions.


Unless you plan to use huge sample libraries and massive 3rdp arty CPU hungry synths on every track you should be fine with a G5 for some time to come. Of course I assume you want to get a G5 because you can get one very cheap. All other things being equal you should get the most powerful computer you can afford.


I don't know when Apple plans to drop PowerPC support entirely but that's more of a worry.

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wow Lagerfeldt! only 2.5 gigs of Ram! sweeeet.


I've got 8 gigs in my Quad G5, and a UAD Quad card. I'll only run into issues if I'm using a LOT of things like Omnisphere, Play engine plug ins, etc. Most of the time if I need to freeze a track, I'll just print it to audio instead...tho, Freezing works just fine.


Logic's plugins are very efficient...even Space Designer. It's all about proper and thoughtful use of busses, etc (which you obviously do VERY well!!!!). I'd love to see a kickass screenshot of yours.



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Sure, I'll do it on Monday.


I'm surprised I've been able to manage with 2.5 Gigs of RAM all this time. The only time I encounter any problems are when using massive sample libraries and syncing with video in a large setup :-)


Mind you, my G5 is system optimized to the point where it beat a 2.7 GHz G5 in an A/B performance test.

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This is a mix with 57 channels of 24 bit audio with 10 busses. No frozen tracks.


Plug-ins on all channels, including multiple instances of:


Waves Renaissaince Compressor

Waves Renassanice De-Esser

Waves R-Vox Compressor

Waves L1 Limiter

Waves C4 Multiband

Waves MetaFlanger

Logic Channel EQ

Logic Scanner Vibrato

Logic Chorus

Logic Tape Delay

Logic Echo

Logic Delay Designer

Logic Space Designer

CSR Hall reverb

CSR Room reverb

Sonalksis StereoTool


...and CPU power isn't even halfway during the chorus (peak). Same for Disk I/O.


Even if you hit it with 50% more tracks or plug-ins you could just freeze the tracks to lower the CPU hit.


And this is Logic 8 on a G5 Dual 2.3 with 2.5 GB RAM, RME 9652 w/buffersize 256. Full PDC enabled and sample accurate automation enable too, so no expenses spared.




This is a production (no vocals apart from the muted cue vocals) with 26 stereo tracks and 7 busses.


Lots of plug-ins, including 4 reverbs (CSR's and SpaceDesigners) and 3 delays. Instruments include EXS24, DiscoDSP Discovery, and V-Station.


All the software instruments puts a bigger stress on the machine but it's still holding up pretty well if you look at the CPU hit (again this is peak value).

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I have been told by a few respected opinions, nevertheless, that a G5 is not capable of running LP at such a capacity as to simultaneously process (mix), say, 24 (or more) audio tracks, each with a typical set of plug-ins (EQ, Compression, Delay, Reverb).

Wow, is that ever a crock!


I had a loaner Intel Mac Pro quad 2.6 here for a little while. I tried some of my test projects out on it, mostly cpu heavy Sculpture and reverb stuff, and it only very, very, very slightly edged out my G5 PPC Quad.


Not sure where your "respected opinions" are coming from, but they're not holding any water here.

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very cool Lagerfeldt! Are you running all that audio off a single internal SATA drive

All audio from one internal SATA yes.


or do you have stuff on a few different drives?

Samples are on my internal Mac HD.


Share some of your Optimization tips?

In fact there's not a lot you can do to optimize your Mac. However, it is possible to get 5-10% more power by doing a lot of small things.


  • Make sure you have enough free space on your hard disks - always.
    Don't install stuff you don't really need. It will bog down your system, hard disk and Logic Pro (e.g. installing lots of sample instruments or plug-ins you don't need)
    Repair permissions and manually check permissions if something is wrong (this is a common source of write errors which can slow down various processes)
    Disable Journaling on your audio drive. Use the Disk Utility. This will speed up hard disk performance.
    Disable alarms in iCal. iCal>Options>Advanced>Turn off alarms when iCal isn't open.
    Do not activate Widgets (Dashboard). Once activated it will take up CPU in the background until you log out or restart.
    Get matched pairs of RAM.
    Clean up your Desktop. Each icon on the desktop takes up more space and memory than a regular icon.
    Don't use screensavers or changing desktop pictures.
    Disabled Airport and networks.
    Always use the latest system software, software, and audio card drivers (assuming you've checked they're not bugged).
    Use the correct audio card buffersize.
    Limit number of undo steps in Logic Pro, e.g. 15 steps instead of the default 30.
    Don't use Sample Accurate Automation for Plug-in parameters unless you really need it. Leave it at Volume, Pan and Sends.
    Be sensible when programming and mixing. Less is more. Use auxes for effects sends instead of opening lots of individual inserts on channels.
    Don't mix with plug-ins like Ozone on your master output. Maybe use a compressor to emulate glue but stay off the "mastering suites" and limiters.

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Wanna post an MP3 of the final mix?

I'll post a small snippet WAV here. The song in question is something I mixed for a client, so with his permission:


http://www.popmusic.dk/temp/mixsnippet.zip (18 Mb)


Stops right before the chorus :-)


The mixsnippet2.wav in the zip file is a different style of music I mixed for another client (mix not shown in this thread).

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Well, I'm certainly glad that I've been able to facilitate such a robust interchange ~ all while getting the answer I WAS HOPING TO GET. It would clearly appear that Logic 8 can easily run on a Mac G5, and I'm better off because of it. I don't need to go out and invest a second mortgage on the latest and greatest Macifestation.


Thanks to all of you!


Of course, I continue to welcome your input.

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