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iMac vs Macbook Pro? Any performance differences?

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Assuming the specs are the same for both machines, will a Macbook Pro and an iMac provide the same level of performance using Logic?


I bought a 20" iMac in March primarily because I wanted the larger 20" screen, but I'm finding myself hauling it around more than I'd expected. A guy has offered to trade me a factory-sealed 15.4" MacBook Pro with identical specs.

I figure I can always add a large screen later if I can't get used to the 15.4" screen


Good deal?


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What about internal HD, 7,200 rpm on the Macbook Pro, same size?

What's the max Ram for the Macbook Pro. 3 Gigs?

What about the graphics card?

Specs can differ in those areas especially if the computers are different generations.

The trade is a good deal already if you consider the fact that the MBP is more expensive.

But 20 inch screen down to 15 is quite a jump.

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Based on the information provided [which isn't alot] I would say the iMac is faster. That's if it runs the 800MHz RAM?


Unless of course it's the latest glossy glass MacBook Pro, in which case that would out-perform the iMac [1066MHz RAM].


That is assuming ALL other specs are the same: processor, amount of RAM, hard drive speed etc].


One benefit of going for the laptop-other than portability, is the Express34 slot-giving an upgrade option [high-end soundcard interface, extra firewire bus, eSata etc].


Also does factory sealed imply full warranty? And if so, from when? Receipts too [unlikely you'll ever need them, but you never know]?

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