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Logic overload without any plug-ins


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I was wondering if anyone can tell me why Logic 7 & 8 is going into overload. I imported 84 audio tracks, and Logic 8 has a very slow start, and Logic 7 want even let me play it it constantly giving me overload without any plug-ins at all, so I can only imagine if I even tried to put plug-ins on the track/s. I checked my buffer, and it's at the highest, and still same thing.



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I actually don't know how to read the HD Meters...


Well the more activity you see in the meter the more streaming you're using. Anyway it's pretty obvious that in your case you're asking too much of your hard drive.


Ok, I hear you, but I export all the audio from the original session in Logic 7, and I drag all the audio files into a new session in Logic 8, and I'm getting this overload. If I just leave it in Logic 7 where it was originally recorded I plays just fine this is what I don't understand. Even if I export it in 24, or even 16 bits I still get this overload in Logic 7 & 8, but again the original session which have the same amount of tracks (84) it plays just fine. It's only when I export all the tracks, and drag it in a session whether it's Logic 7, or 8 that I get this overload

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