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firewire hard drive

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Hey, I got a question about hard drives. I have a left over sata 7200rpm hard drive from a broken computer i aquired. I want to use this to store all my logic files along with my samples. I have an external usb 2.0 enclosure that i could use would this be sufficient or would i be better off to get a firewire external enclosure?
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Huh... are you sure you want to use a leftover hard drive from a broken computer for all your Logic files? At least, make sure you make backups!


USB is not recommended for audio streaming. I would recommend at least FW 800, preferrably eSATA, depending on the performance you need.


You could use the USB box to make a backup drive (you know, for your backups)!

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thanks for the response.

I've tested the hard drive and i've used it for backups before and never had any problems. I shouldn't have said the computer was broken but was just mission some parts. Everything was working on it I just got what was leftover after my buddy took the parts he wanted.


I'm gunna be using logic express 8 on my ibook g4 1.42 ghz with a 60gb hard drive an 1.5gb ram. I believe the ibook g4 only had a firewire 400 port would that be sufficient for streaming or would i run into latency issues? I'm really only using logic to record vocals and a guitar track. Everything else is going to be done on a keyboard workstation and then imported into logic.

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