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AKAI MPK 49 and Logic - How to trigger samples with the pads


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Hello everyone!


I'm going to get the Akai MPK 49 controller keyboard for christmas. I want to use it with Logic Pro 8. At the moment, I use Logic and an M-Audio Keystation 49e. Here, Ultrabeat samples are just put on every key of the keyboard.


My question:

What do I need to do if I want to trigger those Ultrabeat samples with the 12 MPC pads? Do these pads share the same midi information as the keys on the keyboard?


Also, for sampling, I want to use the built in exs sampler and maybe chop some samples up and stuff. How do I set Logic so that I can trigger those samples in the exs sampler with the MPC pads?



Thanks very much, been reading through this forum lots of times to solve problems and get to know Logic a bit more. But now, I had a question myself, so I needed to register ;)



Greetings from Germany!




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Hey, I'm a newbie to all this also, but I'm guessing Akai's Vyzex software would make this fairly straight forward. As David has said, i'm guessing you could choose a bank (grouped memory set) of pads to change, then assign each one with a note which corresponds to an Ultrabeat sample. You can later save and exchange these configs between Vyzex and the MPK.





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