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Upgrade within Logic 5?


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I thought I posted this last week, but it must not have gone through. Is it possible to upgrade from Logic Audio Silver 5.5.1 to Logic 5 Platinum? Or does any such upgrade commit me to Logic 7?


Where else could I look to find out the answer to this question?


Thanks in advance.




Logic 5.5.1 Silver

G4 iBook 1.2 Ghz


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Might just be more cost-effective to go to 7 anyway.

You'd have to source a Platinum somewhere like eBay, which

could be dodgy because the software may not even be kosher.


You're using OS9 presently, then ?


Pro7.1 or LE7.01 will require you go to OS X and this

could mean some expense, depending on what you run

currently in the way of other music software and other

apps generally.


I was apprehensive about moving away from OS9 and all the stuff

I knew and loved, but you have to do it sometime.


Logic Pro7.1 is the bizz.



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No I'm on OSX. My concern about going to Logic 7 is I am guessing it will force me to have to upgrade my G4 and I am not in a position to do that. I have heard that it is CPU intensive.


Also, I am using microrock, filterscape and psp vintage warmer, which substantially seem to bleed off my extra power. I am guessing L7 would pretty much shut things down with these other apps loaded...




G4 iBook 1.2 GHz

1.25 Gig RAM

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You shouldn't have trouble running Logic Pro 7 on your 1.2GHz G4 ibook. Granted, you'll be limited in the number of instrument/plug-ins you run at the same time (any system has its limits..) but it will run and you'll be able to work.


Otherwise, as Chris suggested, you're looking at scoring a used copy of Logic Platinum, and I wouldn't recommend it.

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Hi Sixer

you should be ok, I have a P-book 667 only 512 ram, Im running 7.1.

you have track freeze to help out too, dont forget.

i dont think theres much difference in the cpu hit of 7.

why dont you try the express 7 demo, you should be able to test your plugins with that.


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