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Logic is freezing every 15-20 minutes


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Hi everyone,


It is the first time for me to post on this forum, I always go back to it for good sound advice and I need one now very bad.


This is my problem... Logic pro 8 is freezing every 15-20 minutes. I start leaving "force quit" open on my desktop to close it and reopen again. I'm just at a point where I'm fed up with it.


My gear... Mac Pro 3.0 Quad "the new generation", 16 GB Ram, Tascam FW-1884, UAD-2.

OS X 10.5. All plugins are certified, all software is up to date.


What I tried so far in sequence...

Delete the preferences each time Logic crashes ...

Deactivate new plugins ( trial version )...

Uninstalled UAD sofrtware, removed card, installed UAD software, installed card...

Reinstalled Logic (core installation, did not reinstall sounds, loops, etc.) ...

Uninstalled Tascam drivers then reinstalled it....


What happens ... Logic starts normally it work fine and suddenly when I press play or when I click a plugin (even logic original plugins) sound will be cut, the playhead keeps moving (with no sound) then it stops after 2-3 seconds and the wheel of colors start spinning. One time, I waited for it for almost an hour and it did not stop.




Thanks in advance,


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