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Logic and two Duets


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Hey guys :D


I thought I'd put a post up if anyone was thinking of using two Duets together in Logic Aggregated as I have two and they rock.


If you are thinking of doing the same as I have it can be done, just a matter of creating Aggregated device in Audio|Midi Device setup, then selecting Aggregated Device in Logic.


Oh, if you don't own a Duet, Duet 3176 is one Duet and Duet 3180 is the other.


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I don't have any others mate, just the two Duets, there are a hell of a load of outputs showing up, confoozed


I've got a feeling drivers from previous devices I've had on my machine are being loaded and show up in Aggregate although they are not connected to my machine and thats why so many outs.


Maybe it shows up like that because the way Aggregated works, someone else could answer this?



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Just wondering, are you using any other devices on your firewire buss other than the 2 duets? i.e firewire hard drives?


No, just the two Duets.


I don't know, maybe you could answer this, I have a dual G5 and I'm using the firewire on the front panel and the firewire on the rear of the machine, do they share the same Buss or do they run on separate Busses?

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This is cool man, I've thought about this and wondered if it would work.


My questions are, can you record on all 4 inputs at the same time?


And along with that, have you been able to use both of the controller knobs for midi control at the same time?


The aggregate thing is interesting. Is this all you have to do, set up one unit as output and the other is just another input?


Thanks for posting this.

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Not sure how much you have used the setup?


But I recall reading a bunch of posts where they were saying the duets can't be used in an aggregate. Something about the drivers wig out and perform really poor.


let us know how it works for you.



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