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CoreAudio: Plug-In "BassAmpSi" not available! - LE


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I get this warning when trying to use a bass amp insert.


Also occurs with the vocoder


Both work fine on garageband - I also have Jam Pack 1


I have the 7.1 update, but I am yet to install it as I would like to try and get this problem fixed first - unless 7.1 would actually help me


Any ideas?

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Hi CM !


Long time - no problems !


Are these third-party plug-in's ?


If so, they are probably not passing AU Validation.

Logic is very disciplined about whether plug-in's meet Apple's exacting

CoreAudio standards and, if they don't, they're not available to

Logic after it's finished its boot routines.


This seems to be one of the reasons that, once Logic has fired

up without a CoreAudio -1 Error, it's so bloody stable.


Run AU Validate and see if the offending items are flagged out

as either "Failed Validation" or "Crashed Validation".

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Are you using a control surface?


If no, look for





and move them to the desktop. Restart Logic and see if that fixed it. If it did, delete the files.


Neither existed, however it worked with




So unless that happens to be some important file, thanks all for the help!

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