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Automation Node Tip - Automatically Trim a Selection


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Some tips harvested from this thread:




if you shift + alt rubberbanding a region (in automation mode) Logic creates nodes in that area. Move the cursor just below the line or to the line you wan't to alter. Click-hold and drag. That should change only the selected line.


[thanks "I"]




You can also do four at once by using shift-control-option at the same time and rubberbanding the whole area where you want to move the volume up or down. You end up with two nodes together at each end of the line in the area you selected. Now, while the nodes are still highlighted, you can position the pointer anywhere in between and drag the horizontal line up and down. After you've deselected those nodes you will have to actually get the pointer right on the line to move it.


[thanks camillo jr]


as you were...




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A little clarification on the first of those two......


With the first one, yes that will create two nodes at once but when you grab the line in the middle and drag that, it will also move the lines right beside and cause them to ramp. (Which maybe you might want sometimes.)


I usually use that two at once function by doing a quick downward stroke on the line (with Shift and option pressed) to create two very close nodes. This is usefull when you're going down a track and you can see that you're going to want a bunch of "stair step" automations. Or if you want to move the whole remainder of the line up and down w/o affecting the previous bit. Lots of ways to use it...... 8)

Logic 9.1.8, MacPro quad core 2.8 GHz, 14 GB RAM, OSX 10.6.8, RME multiface
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