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Understanding Midi Environment


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Can anybody advise how to obtain a solid understanding of the application of MIDI environment objects to manipulate midi data.?


I have been mainly an audio user of logc, and am now turning my attention to Midi. The trouble is that I find that while the manual can desciribe how an object works, it is not at all good for practical application of the objects.


I need to gain a graded understanding of how to use objects together with practical situations.


Would anyone know what the best way to gain the knowledge would be?




Scott Farrington

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Best way is to experiment yourself, and then when you have a question, come here, we'll help you out!


With that said, Les Sasso has made a great tutorial. It's a little outdated, but the environment is pretty much the same as it was a decade ago, so it's still valid and will give you a good fundation.


Check out the following links: http://www.swiftkick.com/loget4.html

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Thanks for that and I have visited his excellent site. I guess I am after common applications i.e. what environment setups are commonly built to achieve.


I mean I have seen chord builders etc, but if I could get a handle on what the objectives of the most common of environments are, then I can direct my learning more efficiently - I mean there is so much to learn.

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I think its just kind of an abstract concept being able to route anything to anywhere.Thats partialy the reason with the learning curve ive been on.Also having full view of the backend of how ther software actually works kinda weirds ya out a little.Just a thought.
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