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midi - audio fx


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Ok .... i'm new to Logic so you've got to forgive me if my question is daft. I'm trying to record a Nord Lead in real time with FX (delay) as an insert on the audio channel, whilst recording the midi at the same time.

I would like you hear the delay whilst I am playing, but I can only hear it when I play back the audio recording.

I guess I'm doing something wrong, help....

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You have to monitor the Nordlead's Audio through Logic. How is your monitoring chain (mixer?).


Listen to the outputs of your Audio Interface and in Logic, go to Audio>Audio Hardware and Drivers and check "Software Monitoring" (almost at the bottom).


If you need further help, please give us as many details as possible as to how your system is set up (which audio interface, mixer, midi interface, monitors/headphones plugged where....).

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I have the nords audio plugged into inputs 1 & 2 of a motu 828. I monitor with headphones and speakers plugged into the 828. I am recording to Audio Track 1, where I have the plugins that I want to hear. my midi is connected via a amt8

Thanks ......

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Just wanna say a big thank you ..... you were right ... "software monitoring" was turned off, is there a reason for this? Is it the default?


A sensible default, though !


If I had a dollar for every user of a software sequencer pacakage who has been

nearly deafened by soft monitoring howl-round, sitting three feet from a pair of speakers, I'd be a rich dude indeed.



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