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Total newb needs some help on Logic 5.0.1 setup


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Hi all.


Ive been struggling with this for ages now and mustve read just about every site on the net but I still have the same problem...no sound :(


Ive gotten to the point where I can get sound from 1 of the Logic demo songs, but not the tutorial or any of the other Demo songs.


Im on a P4 1.7ghz laptop with 1gb of Ram, WinXP Pro and a SoundMax integrated soundcard?


I have tried every combination of settings in the Audio Hardware setup but still cant get anything to make a noise, cept that 1 demo song.


Any help with the Audio Hardware and Drivers setup would be very much appreciated!

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if u want to invest alittle get a firewire pcima card and an audiophile 2496 firewire thats the ticket to your sucess i would think as onboard audio esp soundmax is like bottom entry level and u wont have much sucess get the stuff most likely under 200 bucks

and your little lappy will be a good asset for you if you have the time maybe do a reinstall of evrything steps i would take 1 os resintall 2 the install laptop drivers for system componets 3 then if u have the audiophile firewire load the drivers for the audiophile first then hook up the soundcard 4 install logic again with all your instruments if you hsve them saved in exs24 format also when logic opens for the first time if will ask u to do your audio settings uncheck pc av and all it properties that would be in audio and theres also an audio 2 on the audio perferences tabs so back to audio in the setup uncheck everything in audio. then click on the audio 2 tab uncheck I/0 setting but now choose an asio driver and also make sure that asio is checked thats a must also i would chooose a larger disk buffer since your laptop will need it use it so help it helps like huunter said....... works for me...........

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