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As pointed out before I have LOGIC 5.5 on PC.


Apparently according the the LOGIC Audio Workbook i read. (great book by the way)

all the logic plug-in effects and instruments have an internal latency compensation system built into them.


You can also click in a box for latency compensation for third party effcts in LOGIC 5.5. HOW GOOD IS THAT????????? does it really work????????????


Have no idea how that works, but once i heard all tracks not using an effect are delayed to match the track which has the effect plu-in.


Is that the case?????????????????????????


Cubase has been advertising that they have come up with plug-in latency compensation tricks which I guess means they are stating that they have got it all sussed out.


Just wondering how the new LOGIC 7 has gone about to match it with CUBASE in this area. This really is one area which could propel me to buy an apple mac even sooner that i intend.

I also heard that the next version of LOGIC will really sort this issue out.

Any news.

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