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video overlay in logic 6 under tiger


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i have a brand new g5, so my only option is tiger, and the only version of logic i own is 6.4.3, so that's what i gotta use...


and the problem is that when i bring up a video overlay, closing any other window with command-W crashes logic. every time, under all circumstances.


anyone experienced this/have a fix? it's quite bizarre, and it's made logic all but useless for one of my most important tasks -- film sound mixing/designing.

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......heard that logic 7 doesn't work properly with a layla3g..........

contrary to what you think, that i just got a g5 doesn't mean i have a lot of money ;)


Apology for assumption. :oops: Just that I haven't got one and guys that have make me jealous as hell ................ :lol:


Someone else in forum may have a Layla and be able to feed back on this one.

Gotta be patient, here ......


Worth checking out that upgrade cost, though, just in case.

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... do you have to turn in your old xskey if you upgrade?


Because things at the USB end of Mac's have altered somewhat with the passing incarnations of OS X, I think it likely that you'll just get a new dongle with your Pro7 upgrade pack.


I think the answer lies in whether the 7.1 addresses issues (if, indeed, there are any to address) with the Layla, and then plan from there. You may get in a dreadful mess running 6 and 7 contemporaneously (I've always wanted to use that word !).

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that makes sense. what worries me is many people have said logic 7 has more problems than logic 6. i love logic 6 and have had few problems with it EXCEPT this new problem...


i dunno what i'm gonna do with this.


maybe i should just change command-W so instead of closing a window it switches the window and learn to use it like that.... :P

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........many people have said logic 7 has more problems than logic 6.......


My stance is this: I'm *relatively* new to Logic (4 mths) but have over 25 years' experience in the studio business and have seen sequencers come and go.


So, I know precious little about Logic6 because, when it was current, I was on Cubase 5.1 ! ! ! ! But Logic Pro7.1 creates a feeling of security in this studio that we have not known or experienced before.


I really do think it is a well thought-out and constructed piece of software which, whilst the inevitable flaws are bound to be there, will not fail to please any but the most nitpicky users in the long run.



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well, thanks for the attention, but i've solved the problem. i did a dirty little "hack" -- i made an additional install of tiger and forcibly put an old quicktime on it, using root privileges to get rid of tenacious quicktime 7. now it's back to normal! i just have to reboot into a different OS when i need logic/video synch...
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