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But those are OLD demos.... I'm ashamed of the (bad) quality of my mixes.




All done in Logic 5, Digi001, Kurzweil K2vx and some crappy speakers, and a lot of back and forth to my car to check the mixes!


I've also remixed "Insect" for switchblade symphony:


Amazon link (track # 6)


And I have a couple of movie soundtracks but not sure if I have the right to put them up....

My new Logic Pro Book is out!

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excuses, excuses... next you'll be giving that 'i've been doing all these training workshops and maintaing the best logic forum on the net' excuse.


thanks for sharing. this is almost exactly what i expected... amazing arranging. the changes in I've seen the world are great and i love everything we knew. you popped in my iTunes right before A Perfect Circle, and it transitioned perfectly.


'duh duh duh da, shut up, shut up!!' (i may have spelled that wrong).

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