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Demix Events By MIDI Channel Doesn't Include Meta Events?


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After writing my string part in a 5-stave polyphonic score (taking up a single track in the Arr. window), I decided to separate the parts using the demix by event channel function so that I'd end up with separate tracks, one per part (violin 1, violin 2, viola, cello, bass).


I was expecting to end up with 5 separated tracks, but instead I ended up with 6 tracks: 5 tracks of notes, and one track containing all of the meta events. Since the meta events have associated channel numbers (ch. 1 = staff 1, ch. 2 = staff 2, and so on), I thought they would also be separated along with the notes, but that didn't happen.


Is it supposed to? I could swear in a previous version of Logic that demixing by event channel included meta events...

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The Meta events are not demixed (unfortunately) but stay in the MIDI Region containing the Channel 1 events.


That's always been my experience, although I've probably never tried to demix Region with Meta events before version 7.


Thanks for the speedy reply!


I'm finding different behavior from what you described... The meta events end up in a wholly separate track from the Ch. 1 note/controller/blah events.


Could you confirm? I'm on 7.1.1




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After reading your reply I just did a test, and after doing a demix by event channel, I end up with 6 tracks as originally described: one with all meta events on a variety of channels, 5 tracks of separated MIDI data.


Why do you think there's a discrepancy between the behaviors we're seeing?

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