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SMPTE and 2408mk3


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I'd like to use L7.2 as a basic 24 or 48 tracks recorder for TV production.

Thus far I get the SMPTE to the 2408 and MotU PCI SMPTE console, NP.

I have Lock & Tach.

But Logic doesn't see or Sync to the code when I run.

What silly thing have I forgotten?


I'm using a G4 1.33G pbook, 1G RAM with a Magma 2 slot.

PCI SMPTE set-up is:

Source: 2408mk3:SMPTE

Clock Adr: 2408mk3 Video/SMPTE

Logic: Auto Sync, SMPTE (MTC)

Song Settings:Sync:MIDI: Transmit MTC all

29.97df, auto enable ext sync

Bar Pos 1 1 1 1 = 01:00:00:00

Core Audio driver: 424


When I playback an OMF that imported, audio comes out.


any help would be greatly appreciated

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thanks for your help David.


yes - I suppose more info would be of help huh?


I haven't been able to get Logic to see running code, let alone lock to it.

Logic will play the imported OMF tracks, NP, w/o Sync enabled.

I think the Bar Ruler was Blue, but I'll have another go a little later today.


I also have set-up a MotU MTP-AV. I was running code directly into the 2408.

Late yesterday I tried running TC into the MTP-AV, out to the 2408. The 2408 saw Tach and Locked. Course it would be helpful to have a manual for the MTP-AV, but I think I've guessed my way in properly.


I wonder if a digi Sync might be easier? TC in MTC out to the 2408?


This is a test set-up to see if Logic will do what I need for a couple of TV shows I have coming up. Basically TC 24 track record. The 2408 is just of convenience. I will actually use a 24 I/O; with the 2408 for TC access.

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The 2408 is responsible for generating MTC from the SMPTE it receives, and feeding that MTC to Logic. In 'Auto-sync' mode, the Bar Ruler will go blue as soon as Logic receives MTC. This is why this is good info to have, to help us determine if the problem is in the MTC that Logic receives, or if the problem is that Logic doesn't even receive the MTC at all.
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I made an aggregate device today with a 828mk2 as Master clock and the 2408 as "slave". SMPTE was made into MTC with a Sync I/O. I used the WC from the Sync to hit the 828 and pass thru to the 2408.

That worked, NP.

I'll have to back to the MTP AV.

But I think I'll try a Unitor next as I'd imagine that would be sort of "native" for Logic as it was an eMagic product. Or am I wrong about that?

As I said, I did import an OMF and related video and that PB locked to incoming code just fine and in sync.


Couple of unrelated questions.

Is there a way to delete/create/record ready/import multiple tracks at once? I've tried a number of key combos, none work.

Or can it be created in Key commands?


Is there a way to "disallow" inputs from an aggregate device other than not select them?

IE: the 828 has a number of non analog inputs and outputs (as does the 2408) that I would rather not show up in Logics input assign pop-up. This way I don't have to do the math or remember. Course, once I build a template, I suppose I would care as much. But .....

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