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Import audio from movie is off


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Instead of using the fader in the movie, I"m importing the audio to a track.

BUT when I have the fader still up in the movie, and the newly imported track is playing at the same time, they're off from each other! Almost by a 16th note at 100 bpm. I've tried it with and without delay compensation and it's making no difference.

Any ideas?!! Obviously I won't be using them at the same time, but I also want to know that things aren't moving around on me.



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I've tried a few other things, changing the settings, deleting the imported file and trying again.....

It doesn't make a difference whether I have a record delay or not. It doesn't make a difference if I change my buffer setting (from 256 to 64, relaunching driver each time)

It doesn't make a difference if I use the Enable SMPTE offset or not.


I'm not using the movie out firewire option, so those offsets aren't it either.


What's strange is that regardless of the above changes, the delay is always the same...about a 16th note, I'm guessing 100-125 ms, slapback delay.

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