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Setting Up Monitor Mixes?


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Gear = Behringer HA4700 Powerplay Pro Headphone Amp and MOTU 896HD


Unfortunately, I do not own a monitor switcher (i.e., Presonus Central Station, Mackie Big Knob, ProCo Switch Witch, etc...) so, since I record and mix in one room, everytime I would like to track via headphones I have to reach and switch off my monitors.


What I Would Like to Do: Run the Main Outs on the MOTU to my monitors and Outputs 1-2 to the Behringer Headphone Amp. I would then like to simply be able to solo Outputs 1-2 when I wish to record. This way I do not have to reach (which is rather hard) to turn off the monitors.


The Problem: How can I route all of the virtual outs of my audio and instrument tracks simutaneously to both Outputs 1-2 and the Main Outs to achieve the desired result? Is there a neat way to do this in the environment? Or am I making this complicated and there is clearly another (more simplistic) way to accomplish this task?


Any and all help is greatly appreciated! Jason

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