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My Brain has officially turned into mashed potatoes......


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Hi all,


My Brain has officially turned into mashed potatoes......


I now have 3 G5's running successfully......The autoload is done except for some woodwinds....




G5 Master runs Logic 7.2 with 16 VIs of Strings I (violins violas), EXS24s with winds and all IRs

G5 Slave A runs Plogue with 16 VIs of Strings 2 (celli basses)

G5 Slave B runs Plogue with ALL Epic Horns on Kontakt2 AND All percussion on Kontakt2......AND Akoustic Piano



Main G5 has an aggregate device with a Metric Halo ULN-2 and RME 3xADAT (24 channels) Hammerfall card.


Both slaves have 1 Hammerfall Lite card each which feed into the RME 3xADAT on MASTER G5


G5 Master has 7 gig RAM

G5 Slave A has 4 gig RAM

G5 Slave B has 4 gig RAM


Metric Halo ULN-2 is master clock with a wordclock cable going OUT of it into RME 3xADAT pci card


The slave hammerfalls are synched to ADAT from RME 3xADAT card..


The Autoload for Logic is now complete as well....for EQing the various string /wind / horn / percussion stems I used 1992 Cape Fear AND Basic Instinct as references for EQ and IR's


Everthing sounds INCREDIBLY real now...With the VIs having the 4 alternations at all the velocity layers....ESPECIALLY the perf-trills



All of this has taken a month........But what an AUTOLOAD it is......


I can't think anymore...I'm fried




I once thought I was wrong, but I was mistaken.

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