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I/O Plugin on Main Out Bug?


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Does anyone know if there is a bug to where if you insert the I/O plug on the main output it doesn't function (i.e. no sound?). I am running a typical mix session right now, where i have 10-20 tracks routed to 4-5 buses, routed to my Main out 1-2 and whenever the I/O plug is inserted on the main, I get no sound. I'm sure that my routing is correct, because I can move the same exact plug onto any stereo bus, and it works perfectly, just not on the master. Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance,



Blue Room Production


P.S. My system specs are: Dual 1.8 G5, 2GB of RAM, MOTU 828 MKII, Logic Pro v7.2.1, and OS X 10.4.6

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