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I Cant Access Colossus Virtual Instruments Inside Logic Pro


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I have installed all the DVD's of Colossus and the programs works okay as a standalone. However I dont know how to access it within Logic Pro 7.2? i.e. it does not come up under the i/o of the audio instrument track? Is there a particular folder I should install the Colossus library for Logic to Access it? I have also checked and found that the Colossus.component file is also installed under Lirbrary/Audio/Plugins. so dont know what I am doing wrong or missing?





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Run Logic Pro > Preferences... >Start Logic AU Manager to check if it have passed au validation.

If failed, updating to the latest version (or AU hotfix) of Colossus will manage the problem.

Hope it helps.




Hi unfortunately this didnt work, it didnt come up on the list of AU

manager even when I rescanned?

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