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Moving Automation


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Do you have a lot of tracks for which you need to move the automation?


Because the best way to do this would have been to use the 'snip' function, which cuts the undesired part (bridge) and moves all the other parts (including automation) forward by the same amount.


Otherwise, you can, in View > Automation mode, shift-rubberband around automation nodes and drag them to move them.


Or you could quickly create a bunch of Regions, set your Automation to move along with Regions, and move the regions (if you have a lot of tracks).

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Hey David,

Good seeing you last night.

I have tried the snip function and your other suggestions.

The snip function seems to be the best solution for all the tracks, but what happens is everything moves by the same amount, but the vocal comp. is missing many phrases as well as the Stylus drums stop playing and the automation does not move.

What am I doing wrong?

Michael WeHo

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Thanks for taking the time to help me, with this situation.

The song does not start before 1 1 1 1 .

I was just trying to cut out the bridge to the song with no luck.

I will try your last suggestions first thing in the morning. If things don't work out maybe I can get you over here sometime.

Thanks again David,

Michael WeHo :?

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