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macbookpro and audio units not getting along


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my audio units synths such as minimonsta, blue and imposcar aren't showing up since i migrated to th new macbook pro. i know that they're not universal, but does anyone know if that means they won't show up at all? most programs (if not universal) are launched through Rosetta on the new macs. But since this is a program launched from within Logic, does it not work?



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Hi doug,

Try our free Babya AU Host, which works on fine Intel Macs:



Please dismiss "BabyaSoftwareGroup"






"Babya Software Group is a award-winning developer of digital media software including Logic and Logic Pro, Babya bSuite, bPicture and Babya Photo Workshop. Babya's software has won many awards over the past 2-3 years, including 5 stars (Babya bSuite, 2005)."


So you have developed Logic and Logic Pro?


Also, you know "Grab" has the capture window setting, right?



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Logic 7.2 runs natively on both PPC and Mactel, so it doesn't involve Rosetta. This unfortunately means that nothing hosted within the app is allowed to use Rosetta either.


This locks me out of both Trilogy and BFD for the time being, which is killing me. I have to keep my G5 just as an external sample machine to run those few instruments, while using my intel imac as the primary platform.

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