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"No Out"


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So, I haven't gotten into Logic Pro much, but I know I will soon (school's out, which means more time to play!). I tried opening an existing MIDI file, but it won't play. In fact, anything that I put onto the interface won't play. I've checked here, and tried that, but to no avail. In the lower right corner, it says that there is "No Out," and I have a feeling it might have something to do with that.


Also, being that I'm a noob, I have another question. How do I access software instruments? Actually, this question is better: is it possible to have software instruments play whatever I want them to, instead of just loops? Can I take the tracks from my MIDI file and make them better quality instruments?


Oh, and I think the answer to this is a definite "NO" but I'll ask it anyway: can you input notation into Logic like Finale or Sibelius?


Wow, I got the program on an impulse and have no idea what I've gotten myself into!



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Yes, you can do all of the things you mentioned, including inputing notation. But let's take everything back a couple of steps.


To learn, it's easier to do it one thing at a time.


Try placing some audio Apple Loops onto some Audio Tracks (it should say 'track 4' for example on the channel strip, in between the i/o settings and the pan knob).


See if you can get some sound out of that.

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