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Sculpture question


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I'd just like to know if Sculpture is able to route different sounds to different MIDI channels.


If that doesn't make sense, here's what I mean with an example:


I have used East West Symphonic Orchestra (sample based, I know) to play several different instruments (8 is maximum I think) without having to open up lots of instances of the plug-in. The 8 instruments are assigned to 8 MIDI channels (respectively) to allow multiple outputs (instruments) from one instance of the plug-in.


I was wondering if there is any way to do that with Sculpture? I don't see how it is possible actually, but I thought I'd ask just incase I'm missing something.


In fact, to extend my question a little further: does anyone know if any of the Logic plug-ins (EXS24 perhaps?) have the ability to do what the EW plug-in can do?


I know that my computer is fast enough to handle a lot, but I've always been obsessed with conserving my CPU and not having loads of unnecessary plug-in instances.


Can someone answer both questions please?



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Thanks David...and I was considering getting contact once it's universal! The 15GB library might come in handy though...or just maybe that's too much choice!


Actually, I'm thinking of getting a lot of NI software when they sort the programs out to be universal.


Guitar Rig, Reaktor, Absynth, Battery..do you use any NI plug-ins? I'm also going to get Reason and Ableton Live.


Do you (or anyone who reads this) use Reason or Live?


Just curious.

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I use a lot of those once in a while. I use Kontakt on a regular basis for QLSO. But I don't really like it. I'd rather get libraries for the EXS24. It's ok, but it's a CPU hog. And it's easier to use an EXS24/Instrument than to incorporate Kontakt as a multitimbral plug-in in Logic.
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