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Logic overview files (.ovw) cluttering my audio folder......

rikki rivett

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-since 7.2.1, whenever I import audio, Logic creates overview files and puts them in the folder where the audio files are. It never used to do this, and a colleague tells me this doesn't happen on his system (also 7.2.1).


The inconvenient thing is, I move a lot of audio files around in the Finder for various projects and also often drag&drop audio onto Logic's Audio Window.


With the overview files there, if I don't watch out, I get message after message "ovw? What kind of file is this" , or have to change to List View in the Finder, sort by Kind, and re-select before I can drag the files.


Does anyone know whether there's any way to get Logic to put its waveform overviews somewhere else, or make them invisible, or wahtever?





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