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Logic Pro Version Best for PPC Users?


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I think I'm gonna do it! Think I'm going to sell my boxed version of Ableton Live 4 and make the switch to Logic Pro 7.


Yesterday, I toyed with a full version of LE7 on a Power Mac Dual 2GHz at the Apple section in CompUSA. I know the Apple salesperson there and didn't realize he had installed it on one of the display models.


What I REALLY enjoy about Logic period in using the LE7 demo myself are the effects and instruments. So much more is offered in LP7 that I won't need to stray away from it at all to crank out full songs.


My question is, since I'm a PPC user (I have a Power Mac Dual G5 1.8GHz), and plan to stay one for awhile, which Logic Pro version is optimized for us?


I see LP7, 7.1, 7.2 and 7.2.1 available at various sources (Apple, eBay, etc). The version on Apple's store says it's a universal binary version, but I'm concerned that if I buy the UB version, it would not be optimized for PPC processors.


What's your advice?

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Hi Chris!


I appreciate that info, thanks.


How much RAM do you have installed in your systems and at what point do you get "overloaded" in LP (where you get errors, crashes because there's not enough processing speed or RAM) ?


They only thing I wished I had done when I purchased my G5 last year was to buy the model that can take 8GB of RAM max instead of 4GB. I'm going to increase mine to 2GB as I've been getting away with running on 256MB for over a year now! :) I really believe I've been able to do this because of the two processors and the fact that I keep my Processor Performance setting in SP on "HIGHEST." It makes my G5 whine a little louder but works faster than if set on AUTOMATIC.


I haven't been doing anything on it that's truly CPU intensive in the last year. But with running any music recording software, I must increase my RAM.

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