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Create >track does not work for me......


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Hi guys,

Still have a problem understanding a simple creat tract.


Here's what I did tonight:

open new project

On Audio 1 I place a drum loop.

On Audio 2 I recorded a Accoustic Gtar

I then decided to do another take.

I selected Audio 2>Track Create

So now I see 2-Audio 2

I Record enable

both Audio 2 Are ready to record.


So far So good.

I Hit RECORD play Gtar this time it is a longer take.




Hit play, and it plays the first audio 1 (the shorter take) after the first take ends audio 2 starts playing.



I would think that the selected track would be the one that plays, but even if I select audio 2 it still plays audio 1...so I decided to hide audio 1 thinking then surely it would play audio 2...no even after audio 1 was hidden it still played audio one.


How do you make it play audio 2?


Clip of Audio 2

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Thanks for your replies.

I am not sitting a my Studio as reply, But my question is?

If you Mute let say the first audio 2 Does it not mute the second audio 2. reason I ask is that when you hit Record both AUDIO 1 and 2 are record enabled. :roll:

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The 'R' button on a track is really a shortcut for the 'Rec' button on the Audio Object. Since both tracks are assigned to the same Audio Object, when you hit 'R' on one, the other one's 'R' button lits up as well.


However, the 'M' button on a track is different from the 'M' button on an Audio Object. You can mute single tracks, or you can mute the Audio Object (which would be equivalent to muting all tracks assigned to that object).


So you'd be fine muting the track, although I suggested muting the Region, not the track.


In general, you want all your alternate takes routed to the same object, which has its own processing chain, routings, volume and pan settings.

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OK Spent the whole day recording, Most of which was successfull.


David said to mute the "Audio 1" take and record on the newly created "audio2".

I did that and I worked. AWESOME.

After that TAKE I deleted what I just recorded, and went to record again.


This time it recorded on to a muted Audio1 (See Picture 6)




I deleted the regions from Audio1, and punced in the end using the "Replace Mode"

(see pic 7)

The KICK actually recorded in the right spot, but all the other regions recorded on a muted track.


I am guessing it is USER error, Just not fully understanding.

Anyhow thanks for your replies.

I really appreciate it.



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