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i've been trying out nuendo on a pc.....*shock, horror!*


and err.. ok ok, i'll admit it...


it's quite very cool :shock:


i'll work on it some more, put it through it's paces, but i think i could conceive being a fervid boot camp user when i get one of those sexy MBP's.


after switching to logic after using cubase for so many years i'm a tad disappointed at how streamlined cubase has become, and at how logic has not drastically evolved.


logic certainly has grown a lot over the past years, but could it be the competition has a slight edge?



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I've heard so much good from a lot of Nuendo users...


I also know that Logic developers have been stuck rewriting the app for Intel for the past couple of years, which has almost stopped development of new features and even bug fixes. I think we might be more suprised within the next year or so. Let's hope so!

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