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Hide Function on aux tracks in arrange and track mixer


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I just found this forum today, and boy it is a great place to find! After 10 years of working with Logic there's still so much to discover! Thank you!


I have a question that has been troubling me for some time now: I use a dual screen setup with on my right monitor the arrange window and on the left the track mixer. When using multi-output plugins i use aux tracks to route the specific outputs to. Since aux tracks have no function in the arrange window i use the hide button on them to avoid cluttering.


Now here's the problem: i have used this setup for years, in Logic 6 the aux tracks remained visible in the track mixer when they where hidden in the arrange window, but in Logic 7 they disappear from the track mixer at the moment you activate the track hide button on them in the arrange window. The main hide button has not been activated then but it makes no difference.


I tried it again today to see if this really was different in the old Logic 6 and it is: it works fine there.


Is there a way that anyone know how to get this function to work properly in Logic Pro 7 in other words hiding the aux tracks from the arrange window and still see them in the track mixer? Or do some of you have workaround tips?


Any answer would be really appreciated!


Regards and greetings from Holland


Stefan Robbers

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The track mixer provides two display modes: a global view and a track view, independant from each other. While the track view always reflects what's [intended to be] visible in the arrangement window, the buttons in the global view can be used as filters to display what you need — from then on you can toggle between the two modes.
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