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3 IRs, as drone effects, tuned in "C", for mono

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These are 3 tuned samples to be used as I.R in space designer


The two last are a variation of the thirst one, through MDA detune ( "flanged"...the one of the mp3 demo) or Madshifta ( "fired" ...a long feedback delay with a very slight up transposition )


They are raw samples actually,


It is of your own to filter some high frequencies, or anything, and shorten then ( they are until 6 seconds long ) by some volume or filter enveloppes


Here an example of a use in situation using the EXS24 ( "stereo grand" factory preset:)




These I.R. are to be recommanded for any monophonic music ( like indian classical music ) based, in the case, on a "C" pure or tempered major scale without, or with a very few and transitory modal transpositions


As in the middle of the mp3 example, you'll hear a short passage of a modal transposition in "A" ( relative minor scale of "C" ) but mixed with a faded down resonnance in order to let the "A" dominates the overall harmony a while...


Feedback is welcome.




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thanks for these great IRs Krakatau!


here is a Channel Strip that uses one ("C_fired") to create an ambient swelling drone. very atmospheric!


the Channel Strip starts with an airy pad from Sculpture. you can change the timbre of the drone somewhat by changing Sculpture presets or using a different instrument but the drone is largely colored by the IR.


the first Space Designer uses the "C_fired" IR (you will need to download this IR. i didn't include it)

i reversed the IR (by activating the "Reverse" button) and i changed the sample rate down (by changing the "sample rate" parameter from "orig" to "/2")

the sample rate change pitches the IR down one octave which adds "fullness" to the sound (try this trick to add "fullness" to vocals)

the sample rate change also changes the length of the IR file (from 6s to 12s)


the second Space Designer is a reverb (very wet)

it uses an IR called "056 Immense Mosque"

this is an IR that was part of Logic v6 and i think its now called "6.6s_Palace.SDIR" (in Application Support/Logic/Impulse Responses/18 Concert Halls & Theaters)

if Logic can't find the right IR i've included "056 Immense Mosque" just in case



because this Channel Strip uses a reversed 12 second IR notes that you play won't sound for awhile. DON'T play a big chord and hear nothing then play a bunch more notes because 12 seconds later...ouch!!!

it's best to play very simple slow parts (see picture below) ENJOY!!! :)

drone swell.zip


Mac Pro (early 2008) 2x2.8GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon 20GB RAM - OS 10.10.5 - Logic 10.2.0 - Apogee Ensemble FireWire 400

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Sorry to be a domkopf, but what does one do with an IR? how do you use them, what are their application?


What are they for?

1.5 GHz Power PC G4

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OS X 10.4.11

Logic Pro 7.2

RME Fireface 800, M-Audio Radium 49

Latency, stress and 'Disk is too slow or System Overload' messages coming out of my ayass!

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Sorry to be a domkopf, but what does one do with an IR? how do you use them, what are their application?


What are they for?


In short :


- an IR is to be loaded into a convolution reverb (like Space Designer) usually to recreate a natural space, and in our particular case, to create an effect similar to sympathetic strings

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I see. Can you modify the parameters of the space one loaded?


Yes and no,


You may impose to your IR some amplitude or filter enveloppes for instance, but i will quickly denaturate the emulation of a natural space


This is an inherent lack of flexibility to this kind of process : - seeking the emulation of an existing natural space, you'll need to find the IR that matches your need as closer as possible

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