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Latency in Logic


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I have recently bought an electric guitar to use in Logic 8. After recording a part into the program, on playing it back it was out of time, which I think is a problem to do with latency. What is the best way of sorting this out (I'm new to this)?


I am using an Audio Kontrol 1 audio interface on a Macbook Pro 2.5Ghz early 2008 model with 2Gb of RAM. Although I am running the program from my internal hard drive, I am recording to a Lacie external drive via USB (which I am aware isn't the best connection, but I can't afford another at the moment). Also, would expanding my RAM help?


Thanks in advance for your help - I have already posted several questions on here and received some invaluable answer that would have taken months of fiddling to work out by myself!

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