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begging for synth information!

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I am trying to roughly replicate a Todd Terry synth style and can't get near it at the moment so i'm trying to get more info about it.


Here's a link (Todd Terry, Uncle Tech, Bingo Players Mix)



other tunes would be Distortion by Pianoheadz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUCgG61FDpU

or Amazziona by Giordano



Basically i'd like to know what kind of music style this is (i think Detroit House), what synth may have been used (so i can improve my searching for info) or ideally how to make it in logic/Reason or where to get a clean sample.


I'm not after an exact copy just that style of synth thats a bit rough/stabby percussion/organ sound that i've loved for many years.


many thanks




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