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Cut and Insert new section of Beat Mapped track?

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I have an album track at an advanced state of completion with midi sequences and audio - the song is beat mapped to a played in click so that all my bars correspond exactly to the audio for arranging parts/instruments etc


I need to repeat an 8 bar section (from bar 6 to 14) near the beginning which I have set up with locators. I go to Regions>Cut/Insert Time>Repeat Section between locators .. various boxes come up asking me if I want to transfer global settings, automation.. yes to all of them.


However, newly repeated section overlaps out of time with what was left:


ie bar 15 to 22 is pushed forward 8 bars by this operation ( tempo changes and all)


the new bars 15 - 22 (consisting of the repeated section) have got no Tempo Information in the Tempo List, where from Beat Mapping - every beat has a tempo change visible in the Tempo list


* * * *




• does this operation copy Tempo List? ( I suspect answer is no)


• is it possible to Beat Map the new 8 bar section by cutting and pasting its Tempo List. Would you then have to Beat Map this again?


Am experimenting but at the very limits of my knowledge - and the timing of the whole thing is really critical

All suggestions gratefully received



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