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Latch mode writing wrong value to beginning of track

k. bright

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When I'm recording synth stuff from my new Axiom Pro (awesome controller by the way - I'll post a thread about it if anyone wants to know about it) and I'm tweaking various parameters (in latch mode), it's all well and good at the time. However, when I go to play back, it sounds much different! I figured out what's happening. When I alter, say, osc1 semitones in the es2 and its the first tweak of that parameter, if it was originally at 0 and I move it up to say, +7, suddenly the track automation records the previous setting as +1 all the way to the beginning of the track. Of course, on playback, all previous recording sounds like junk with the oscillator off a semitone. It just seems to register the nearest parameter value in the direction I'm altering it as the flat-line automation to the beginning of the recording, instead of where it actually previously was.


I hope that makes sense. It doesn't seem to make a difference if I'm using the Axiom Pro hypercontrol, or a more traditional learned assignment (they work the same way with automation).


Can anyone shed light on this and how I might have it record the automation correctly?



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