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Bouncing very short regions in the arrange window


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Hello Logic Pro Help,


I have a quick question about exporting very short drum samples. I recorded some samples from my Yamaha DD-5 Drum machine in the arrange window and then stripped silence so that all of the drum hits became separate regions. Then I added the maximum amount of effects plug-ins (EQ, Delay, Distortion, etc.). I'm trying to export each drum hit as it's own audio file, but also have the effects applied. So I've been trying to just bounce individual drum hits to use in Reason, potentially ultrabeat, and later my Roland SPD-S sampling pad. However when I bounce, the timing is all off. Most of the files I export don't even have any sound in them. When there is sound, the drum hit does not start at the beginning of the file, but closer to the middle and then is cut off. I'm kind of new to Logic and I'm just trying to get my hands dirty, but I keep running into all of these road blocks! Anyway, thanks for your help and keep being awesome!



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Hey Mike,


What method are you using to bounce the audio files? I would suggest dragging a 'Repeat section' over the sample and then bouncing it, that should work fine for you :)


Also (In terms of your drum samples not triggering straight away), do you edit the wave in the sample editor before bouncing it so that you can trim it down to size? Maybe the reason why your getting some silence before the drum hit is because you are not trimming all of the space before/after the sound?


let me know if this helps.

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