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Question about the way you track and mix workflow


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Sorry this might be long winded


I just recorded my first live band so they can have a demo.


So i just need some guidence i guess if it's wrong, right or close ect...


ok i set up a template for the band say 12 tracks get levels ect.. then get all the tracks done save "X" song then open the template again all levels are done already track then save 2nd "X" song and so on we did 3 songs


OK now I'm ready for mixing


Open the first song get it to my and the bands liking save the channel strips as settings not performance (is that good or bad?) so in the mixing window I use the copy audio configuration command and paste it to the next song ect...

now is that a normal workflow, is it fine or would you suggest anything else that i could do to say time or make things easier


Thanx in advance

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