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White marked track and audio to score questions

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Hey Guys!


While I was editing my project, one of the tracks turned into white all of a sudden and is therefore muted.


Do you know a way to turn it back?


I've enclosed a picture to the thread concerning the problem.


Second question.


Do you know how to adjust the tone strength when doing audio to score?


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Not quite sure by what you mean about the "Tone Strength"? Audio to Score will only work with monophonic source material. So in other words it can't recognise chords, and any material that contains more than one note being played at a time. If you're trying to use it on a distorted guitar for instance it will find it very hard to recognise the pitch as the distortion will be adding harmonics so the fundamental pitch will be clouded. The only way to get around it would be to record the part with no distortion to use for the Audio to Score process.


If this isn't what you mean, just say and someone will try and help you more.

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I'm still not totally sure what you're asking, but it could be a couple of things. If the signal is not defined enough to reliably trigger from, you could try gating the source quite hard, so that only the beats are audible. Bounce that and import it to the session and use THAT to trigger from.


Or maybe you are trying to fix the note pitch and velocity of the results. I normally do this by using the Transform window, you can use the Velocity Limit preset but swap the "Max" setting for "Min" and drag the number all the way up so it brings all the velocities up. Sometimes I may change it to Scale and push them all up by a percentage, but still maintaining some dynamic. You can do a similar thing by setting the Transformer to Note Pitch and use the fix command and select the desired note in the pull down.


If this doesn't make any sense, I'm not surprised. If you're not familiar with the transform window then read up a little first in the manual, and have a play it's REALLY powerful, and wonderfully very unique to Logic. Not many DAWs have this sort of power over midi information.

What I said will start to make sense when you do it, probably not before.

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