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hip-hop artist trying to release album with logic studio!

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Hi, my name is Serge Didenko, www.myspace.com/sergedidenko. I am a hip hop artist from Boston,MA and I recently purchased Logic Pro 8. I gotta say I love it but I do not have much experience in the field of engineering. I purchased Logic to avoid studio costs and am attempting to learn how to compress and eq my tracks and come out with a sufficient mix. I dont expect to be made the best instantly but am willing to learn and would like to see if anyone has any quick tips on good plug-ins, or what types of plug-ins are common for hip-hop artists. My friend is a big time producer in Chicago and told me that mainly rappers use EQ and Compression and nothing else. I have been messing with the plug-ins but its quite difficult to get it to sound right. Would appreciate if someone knows any fundamental basic yet highly applicable tools I can use to make my tracks sound good so that I can release an album, home project, by the end of the summer. Might sound a bit lofty, but I will make it happen!


-Serge Didenko

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Hi, welcome to the forum !


Well, with Logic you already have Plug-ins ready for professional productions.

Its all about songwriting and good mixing.

I can recommend this Hip Hop mixing video Tutorial http://www.multi-platinum.com/mpp/mpp/hiphop.html


Before thinking about buying new Plug-ins you should get yourself in touch with the Logic Plug ins and read some threads in this forum about mixing, mic-recording and so on.


Have fun.


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Hopefuly some of these tips help?





- Never raise a frequency in eq, unless you're EQ'ing a guitar, or are at the mastering phase of a song. Use an EQ to dip frequencie's.

- 40-60 hz is where you stop hearing the bass, and start feeling it.

- THat in mind, I know some ppl cut 120 and below, on everything but the bass.,

- figure out which will be your main source of low end -> the kick, or the bass line, and EQ accordingly.

- Too much 200-500HZ sounds muddy, so don't be afraid to dump some of this as well.

- All that said, be gentle with the amount you use. Treat it like a surgeons tool.



- I either use compression for clinical stuff, like taming dynamics, or for effect.

- If I'm using it for effect, I'll slam the hell out of everything until it sounds like ass, then back off a pinch.

- Try the attack.

- If using it for clinical stuff - set the ratio to no more than 5:1.

*** If you can get your drums to their own outputs, treat them as such. Try to avoid EQ/Comping the drum machine as a stereo signal.


That's all I can think of right now.?

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