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2 MIDI Problems in Logic Pro 8 relating to Automap 3

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Hi there,

I have 2 problems in Logic Pro 8 using a MacBook Pro 2.5GHz Intel Core2 Duo on Mac OS 10.5.6.

Basically I have already tried asking for help everywhere (Novation, Psy-forum UK, Tom Cosm) for a week and still no luck on solutions...


Problem 1 - New problem since I installed Novation Automap 3 (FREE version :( )

I now have a flashing C-2 note off message and can't hold C-2. I have disconnected the controller and cut all MIDI routing from the environment window yet it is still flashing. Where is it coming from and how do i stop it?


Problem 2- Programming Albino 3 with Automap certain controls are affected exponentially such as envelope controls and cutoff. ie when i move a control on my Novation SL it has very low resolution at the bottom of its range and good resolution at the top of its range. This is useless for parameters such as attack or on a high pass filter.


Anyway; sure you guys must be the ultra experts and will know whats going on! thanks,



aka DJ DiscOordination

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Problem 2 seems to have solved itself by re setting the environment window as per instructions... It seems that the C-2 note message is supposed to be there as a hand shake between automap and logic... However if wired up correctly in the environment it should not affect playback... I have tested this both using 3rd party plugins as well as logic plugins.


As regards problem 1... I have tried using the edit template controls however they are set to send cc messages from 0 to 127 as expected. I have recorded them as automation data and it is displayed as frequency or time for cutoff and attack respectively. On the automap display it follows my knob turning correctly... However on the plugin HUD it still follows the exponential pattern. It is not a case of the information being routed twice as when it is not set in automap the slider/knob affects nothing. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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