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When I record, the MIDI notes are doubled


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I have Logic Pro 8 with an Audiophile USB sound card. My keyboard is a Keystation 49.


When I record midi, the notes are doubled which make for a sound I don't want. So I have to remove the notes one by one. Now, my keyboard is connected via USB on my pc for power support and via MIDI through my Audiophile USB. I think that's probably the source of the problem. Someone told me that in Pro Tool there's something like "disable double notes" or "select channel". But I couldn't find it.


Also, I'm using Reason too but I DON'T have this problem. Thanks

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Just curious, but why do your have you controller connected by USB and MIDI?


Thanks Beer Moth, I will look at that and see if I still have the problem.


The reason I do that is because I use the USB connection to power to keyboard, but I hook midi too because the latency with MIDI is much lower and, when you do that, you can turn your keyboard on and off without having to restart Logic or Reason each time. Now you're saying, why would I turn it on and off? Well, they way it's in my workstation sometime I hook it off by mistake, or if I forget to open my keyboard before opening Logic, then I would have to re open it again.


oh and also, is it me or there's no search function on the forum???

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