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Control Surfaces,Automation, & Latency Compensation


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Considering purchasing a control surface to make all the fader rides I like to do when mixing.


I pretty much always use Logic with the auto latency compensation on, as a few of my plug ins (example PSP Vintage Warmer) have quite a bit of latency. I do notice that in more complex mixes I can see that what shows on the screen can be quite a bit ahead (timeline) of the sound that comes out. And I am wondering this:


1)when doing fader rides with a control surface, does logic offset the automation you perform, to align it with what you are hearing?


2) is there a delay when you move faders on a control surface based on the latency settings and amount of offset due to the auto latency compensation?


Or..should I just buy one and try it? Figured someone out there has experience with this.



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Any developments with the automation latency when using a fader controller? I'm having the same issue. Mouse writes automation at playhead, faderport writes ahead of the playhead. I noticed the faderport writes correctly in a new session with no plugins but can't get it to be accurate once a mix is close to finished (when you want to finally use the fader for gentle rides).
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