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Two USB keyb controllers for two separate soft instr.


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OK, so here is something that in the hardware world is ABC, and in Logic needs and environment, seems like.


I have two Edirol controllers that I will use to trigger two different soft instr.

I need to play LIVE and record - one controller bass, another harmony.

(I had a great help recently with similar question, but that one involved a split on single USB controller.)

This time its two.


I succeeded with creating and environment that has hardware input and one cable goes to Instr 1 and another to Instr 2.

The problem is - it will not record in Arrange at all.

So, I understand there has to be routing to sequencer perhaps....?

But what goes after what and how....?


Any help?

Anybody has that environment already made?


Thank you all so much!

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