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Help me, Please


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Hi I'm a student in music production in the uk and was helping you kind Logic Pro help people can help.

Can anyone tell me what the difference between:

Instrument tracks and MIDI tracks are

the hyper and matrix editor are

how the enviroment, transform editor and hyper editor work

I know this is a lot to ask for but i would be greatful for any help in any area.

Cheers ladies and gents

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You would use a MIDI track to send MIDI information out to your external synths. An instrument track is the combination of a MIDI and an aux (or audio) track. WIth an instrument track, you are loading a software instrument onto the track and also recording the MIDI for that instrument.


If you want to use a software instrument, select the instrument track, and then set its input to the desired instrument, then record enable the track and play away. If you are using a MIDI track for some external gear you need to make sure that you specify what device you are using. In addition to that you will need to bring in the audio from your external gear on an audio or aux track.


The matrix editor is the piano roll style event editor for MIDI information in Logic.

The hyper editor is more of a step sequencer type window for events.


The environment is where all of your objects (instruments, audio tracks, aux tracks, etc...) for Logic are.


Transform allows you to perform specified MIDI functions (Transpose, limit velocity, limit duration, etc...), based on a series of criteria that you specify. I would suggest opening up your owners manual for this one (and all of the things that I covered as well).

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